In general, conversion rate heavily depends upon two things: the targeting of your visitors, and the motivation or path they have in mind. Essentially, Forum Marketing checks these two things in a micro form. Forum Marketing can be very powerful with opt-in forms because you can laser target people to your lead, and gain an extremely high conversion rate due to the low click volume. The best way to Forum Market is not to passively display your advertisements everywhere, but rather to engage your visitors by almost telling them what to do in your lead or opt-in step by step, and helping them if they are having trouble. There is not much more to that when it comes to increasing your conversion rate - as your conversion rate in these situations can be an incredible 30-60%. However, the tweak that you could truly apply to generate more cash every day doing this is increasing your click volume. The more click volume, the bigger your roads are to your city (your offer) and thus an increased

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